Empowered Women Workshops

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-Tanya B.

“I am feeling extremely empowered – this was absolutely incredible! Wonderful job ladies – thank you for giving us so much!”

– Gina T.

“…wonderful energy…giving giving presenters…wonderful dynamic and energy…awesome job.”

– Rita M.

“…loved the place… loved the presenters… many good aha moments.”

– Chantal T.

“Very inspirational and life-changing.”

– Nicole M.

”… started me on a journey of healing, health and happiness like no other.”

– Kathy M.

Here are some things people are saying about our retreats:

“It was inspirational on so many levels. I learned important things about myself and it was very helpful to see that many others suffer from problems as well. I guess I would just say it was “AMAZING”.”

– Julie. G

“It’s well worth it. Come with an open mind and push yourself to experience everything. The feeling is priceless.”

– Nadine L.

“Being there was a continuous source of self-knowledge and a reminder to consciously meet myself, accept myself and love-nurture me so I can go into the world lighter freeier and more loving” – Paula T
“Life changing – teaches you to go within, heal yourself reconnect with your authentic self and gives you the tools you need to transform your life one step and a time in the direction you wish to achieve in your life.” – Joanne G (Naturopath)

“This retreat is like workshop where you can look at your life, and investigate the pain you are feeling and where it comes from. It’s not easy, it can be terrifying. But Sandra and Maite are amazing and willing to help. Great retreat.”

– Fiona P.

“Great time to reflect and reconnect with your emotions. Meeting some (many) amazing women with special stones of their own is priceless. The connections are very emotional and helps put everything into perspective. Therapists are extremely dynamic! I must do again.”

 – Candida D

“Anyone can benefit from the thought providing sessions, relaxation, time to recognize in beautiful surrounding-give a special gift to yourself that you deserve… I enjoyed all the topics. I loved the environment and enjoyed meeting new special people.”

 – Susan P. (Professional Organizer)

“This is a life changing event of self-discovery, honesty, courage and inspiration. I’ve learned so much about myself, gained tools to help with my journey to being the best version of myself possible and be friended and incredible group of empowered sisters!”

 – Tracey D (Gemini Award Winning Film Director)

“I have to say that I do feel “empowered” after this retreat after this retreat, because the latter has help me find a voice. I have learned to recognize and put a name to my emotions and have been shown how to better generate the good ones, as well as harness those more detrimental to my well being. I am leaving with a few more tools”

 – Jessica W

“Emotionally challenging and enriching; enjoy diversity of participants and tremendous support / encouragement among women ~ relevant information, fantastic dialogue. These groups / workshops are inspirational and smart; ultimate way to take care of myself. Thank you both for the infusion of wisdom.”

 – Renee A (Nurse)

This retreat was an amazing mixture of:
– Receiving an amazing amount of relevant knowledge that can be applicable in everyday life.

– Activities where we learn to incorporate fun, self care and stretching our comfort zone.

– Solidarity- opportunity to have safe discussions in safe environment.

– Great food and lovely accommodations.

 – Vanessa D. (Engineer)

“It’s a wonderful safe creative playful way to work towards a healthier self love. Working at Eastman on personal growth with Sandra and Maite and all the amazing participants was so healing, enriching and inspiring all in a serene very naturally stunning setting… Grateful for your dedicated professionalism extremely fun, clear, informative,transformative and heartfelt. Thank you for the safe environment the tools and the hope and inspiration to keep growing – much gratitude”

 – Rita P

“Essential to health within a family! The impact of this is so wide-spread, that it can only help all those who are touched by the attendee Fabulous workshop. Both Sandra and Maite have a uniquely insightful grasp on human relations. Their approach is solution base which makes the journey hugely beneficial “enriching lives” should be your by-line. Thank you.”

 – Dr Karen D.

“This retreat is a cocoon – a place to allow yourself to go places you don’t like to go, a safe place to learn what to do when you’re hurt and scared and the place where you learn you are not alone. We all struggle but there is hope, we all hurt but there is love, we all feel alone but there is love and support women need this.”

 – Arlene G


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