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Sandra Reich

Sandra Reich M.Ed. is a qualified and experienced Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist specializing in all types of Anxiety Disorders. Sandra is the Clinical Director of The Montreal Center for Anxiety & Depression, The Co-Director of Empowered Women Workshops, Co-Director of Anxiety Videos, and Founder of Sandra Reich’s Couple Retreats.

Sandra is also a best-selling author of a #1 self-help book on relationships, (Once upon a Time- How Cinderella Grew Up & Became a Happy Empowered Woman) as well as well- known radio host on Voice America’s Straight Talk with Sandra Reich.

Sandra’s extraordinary ability in getting to the root of a problem and solving it efficiently has made her gift very sought out. She is known to be an expert in the field of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & “Life Strategies”.

Sandra has been fascinated with human nature since she was a small child. She developed an astonishing talent for understanding people and the dances that they play out in life and love. The combination of her own real life application and her scientific knowledge make her a unique and special leader in the field.

Through the years Sandra has applied her own strategies and changed her own life to one that reflects her own values in every way.

“My life is filled with a clear vision, joy, excitement, success and feeling great in my own skin.” Sandra turned her own lemons into lemonade and now that is what she teaches others to do.

Sandra holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from McGill University. She has received extensive training from the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Clinic for Anxiety Disorders at The Montreal General Hospital and has participated in workshops and lectures with pioneers of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, such as Aaron Beck, Albert Ellis, David Burns, Martin Seligman, Steven Hollon, David Barlow, and more.

Sandra has also completed workshops and training in Emotion-Focused Therapy with Dr Sue Johnson, Dr John Gottman and Leslie Greenberg (all innovators of this type of therapy).

In the last few years, Sandra has continued to broaden her repertoire with training in mind body/spirit work and its benefits in Psychotherapy. It is widely believed that this full on approach is increasingly showing the highest levels of success in Psychotherapy.

Sandra’s expertise has been featured on many radio and television shows including Discovery Health’s “Accident Investigator”, Global TV’s “Good Morning Live”, the reality show “Working it out together” and “Celebrity Damage Control” which is currently airing on the Oprah Network (OWN and is featured as expert on the series called “As a Matter of Fact” on the topic of stress.

Sandra hosts her own internet radio show “Straight Talk with Sandra Reich, M.Ed” on Voice America. The show allows Sandra to share the secrets that she knows to be true on living your best life and to have the life of your dreams!


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