Empowered Women Workshops

EMPOWERED WOMEN WORKSHOPS was founded by Sandra Reich M.Ed and Maïté Gomez B.Sc who are two renowned psychotherapists. They are both on a mission to help women help themselves. Sandra and Maïté welcome all women who would like to embark on a journey of finding their true self. Their primary purpose is to help women abstain from self-destructive behaviors, and to replace them with helpful, empowering ways of being, and to carry on this message of recovery to those who are suffering.

EMPOWERED WOMEN WORKSHOPS offer amazing weekend retreats for women who have found themselves falling into caretaking others instead of themselves, self-sabotage, self-abandonment, relationship challenges, boundary issues and more. Each retreat combines learning, growth, inspiration, fun, friendship, delicious organic food and more!


Maïté and Sandra lead their participants on an exciting in depth weekend retreat. The very popular and decadent retreats enable women to discover life changing coping tools within a beautiful relaxing environment amongst the empowered women sisterhood. Each “retreat” takes place at the gorgeous Spa Eastman in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.The weekend allows women the ability to learn in a safe and beautiful environment. These intense workshops have led to incredible life changing epiphany moments for all the participants.

Here are some of the themes and topics that have been addressed in the weekend retreat workshops:

  • Relationships Hard Core – The Dance of Men and Women
  • Traps of Women – How to get out of Caretaking, Victimization or Martyrdom
  • Intimacy – The art of being emotionally connected to your partner
  • The Pathway to Happiness and Peaceful Relationships
  • Understanding Enmeshment and Deprivation – How it impacts all your Relationships
  • Family Dynamics – Family of Origin Conflicts
  • Understanding Yourself Better – What are your Needs, Values and how can you live your Truest Self
  • Boundaries and Consequences – Commanding Respect from the people around you

Sandra and Maïté are on a mission to help improve the quality of life for women everywhere!

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